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At Woofgang Petcare we understand dogs and their need to exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviours such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking. Exercise keeps a dog's body and mind active and builds a healthier, happier, better behaved pet.

An exercised dog is a non-destructive dog. We can walk your dog when you can't.

Dog walking can be offered as part of a house visit or by itself. Exercised dogs are both calmer, healthier and much easier to get along with.

Woofgang Petcare specialise in individual one on one walks. Alternatively, we can offer small walking groups (maximum of 4 dogs).

We carry water bottles and portable dog bowls.

We walk your dog on or off-lead, visit local dog-friendly parks, the river and beaches.

Rain, hail or shine - they expect our visit so we will be there!

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What other people say....

“ If dogs could say thanks, they would - they've always been thrilled to see Gill. And it's more than just exercise; I appreciate her sound advice how to keep the pups happy - managing their days, diet, health issues, eccentricities and so on.  And no doubt socialising with other dogs has also really helped. Many thanks for the reliable, courteous service, fitting in on short notice and always being willing to help out.  The dogs mean a lot to me and it has certainly been reassuring knowing Woofgang looks out for them.

Definitely service with a smile. ”

Anthony, South Fremantle

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