Professional Doggy Day Care, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Perth  
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Doggy Day Care
Pet Sitting
Dog Walking
About Woofgang
A Walk a Day Keeps the Bordom Away
Welcome to Woofgang Petcare, established 2007, a reliable provider of professional doggy day care, pet sitting and dog walking services, mainly in the southern suburbs of Perth.

We always place your pets needs as our top priority. Maintain their routines and give them all the interaction, play, love and hugs they need, in a clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment.

To give you complete peace of mind, all our staff are trained in veterinary nursing, animal behaviour and canine first aid. They also have police clearance.

What did your doggy do today?


  What other people say....

Daycare is Pippi's favourite event. She somehow knows it's the day from the moment she wakes up, and she sits watching the door until she hears the van coming. She absolutely loves running and playing with her best friends, and even though full of energy she gets home happily tired out. We know she's in safe and caring hands with Gill, so it's our favourite day too!

Bob, Fremantle

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